Yes, Virginia, I do want to go to the Grocery Store

Right now I’m sitting in my office listening to Colin Meloy play a concert for me – straight up in my very own office. It helps. Live Instagram is a godsend.


Those of you who used to read, “Kath-what’s For Dinner Tonight” might remember my aversion to grocery stores. Well, no more. I LOVE them now. This is how very bored I am after one week of sheltering in place. Also my wee doggie Ollie has been walked more often than the he has ever been – in his life. He’s fifteen. He goes and stands by the back door and I run to get his leash, and he’s like – again?! Jesus ladyI just want to sniff the bushes by the fence.


not moving at all

Well, we ordered a small freezer during my panicked run-up to pandemic quarantining. Waiting for it to be delivered on Wednesday. In the meantime, I am cooking all the things in my pantry because if I don’t THERE’S NO REASON TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. Unless I want my dog to hate me.


Onions, black beans, ground cumin, sea salt, pretty multicolored grape tomatoes, kale, and small flour tortillas. These were the things I needed to cook/get rid of in order to take a quick jaunt to any grocery store that had more than just a couple packets of Jackfruit in the vegan section. (Don’t worry, I wore gloves, and then obsessively washed everything when I got home)


And, so, black bean tacos. This is not terribly innovative cooking – but it was satisfying for sure, and a fine thing to eat in front of the TV while we watched Star Trek:Picard – which is awesome and which I highly recommend watching if you have CBS all access and if you don’t, then you should get it because who doesn’t need more a la carte tv channels?


Slice and sauté your onions, hit them with a bit of salt, not much because you’re going to hit them again with salt once your onions are translucent and you add a can of (drained and rinsed) black beans. So small pinches of salt. After the black beans have cooked a minute, add about a ¼ tsp of cumin – or more if you like cumin which I do so I added more.

Let that cook around for a bit and then stir in about one or two teaspoons of sriracha – or, again, more if you like things spicy, (which I do so) I think I added a full tablespoon, but am not sure since I actually held the bottle of sriracha upside down and squirted it right into the pan. Then add your kale, which hopefully you’ve de-stemmed and chopped roughly, and let that wilt down, before finally adding your pretty sliced tomatoes.

Hit it all with more salt, a grind or two of pepper if that’s your thing. Meanwhile heat up your tortillas in the microwave for a hot sec, then, PLATE. Slice a lime and squeeze it over all, then put a second slice prettily on the edge of the plate. If you have sour cream, you can dollop it on top. I did not have sour cream, but I did have Greek yogurt, which is not as good, but is considered more virtuous than sour cream. It is Greek yogurt that you see in that first picture there.


And, so, my friends, enjoy. Use up your pantry in order to have an excuse to put on some surgical gloves (if you can still find some), pull your turtleneck up over your nose and mouth and go to the grocery store. I’ll see you there — from a solid 6 feet away.


Also: Don’t forget to thank the person checking you out. Not, checking you out-checking you out (vain!) but running your groceries through the scanners. Unless you go to the self service line, which I don’t mind telling you was loooong. Which is why I let the check out person check me out.


What are you cooking now that grocery shopping is your favorite thing to do?


Also – what are you reading? I am finishing up The Topeka School by Ben Lerner, which is fantastic. If anyone else is reading this book, I’d love to know what you think. I may well have things to say about it in another post.


Cheers, my friends,


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